By voting “No” on Proposition 23 this November we can solidify California’s position as our nation’s industry and
conservation leader.
A “No” on Prop 23 will support our already impressive movement towards energy independence, spur job growth, and prove to the rest
of the U.S. that we can all move beyond dirty and wasteful energy.
More and more, the engine of industry is smart ideas and California is a hot bed of those.
That’s why the horribly conceived Prop 23 (a Texas import) is just smart for our state.

California is feeling the bite of the economy and job drought like everyone else, but we historically have been our nation’s economic powerhouse and
that doesn’t need to change. Part of our success has been and will continue to be remaining ahead of the curve in development, R&D, and wise land use.
A “No” on Prop 23 would send a message to oil magnates who would stagnate our growth for private gain that California is a leader, not a follower. We want cheap energy, clean neighborhoods, a competitive market in which to raise our children, and a corner in the hugely prosperous renewable energy market.

When California passed AB 32 in 2006 with Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s support, we stated that we would lead the nation’s charge to economic recovery and smart development. By rejecting Prop 23 now, we will ensure that AB 32 stays in place and its crucial energy stipulations will be effective as soon as possible.

California’s committment to clean energy has been a help to us in these dire economic straits. In just one year (2008) venture capitalists poured 3.3 Billion dollars into our state. A “No” vote on Prop 23 would encourage these investors to keep the long term smart growth investments coming. Rather than frantically looking for the next oil fix (will it come from an off-shore drill near your family?) we can watch investors settle their businesses here for the next wave of clean energy.

Its said that one doesn’t “mess with Texas” so it is peculiar that Proposition is being backed by primarily by two Texan oil companies (Valero and Tesero) and our Governor has credited the proposition’s motivation with “self serving greed”. 

Our state has the largest clean energy economy in the nation and leaders at the recent Clean Energy Summit agreed that California should not take a step backwards into the oily energy policies of last century.

The future is green. The economy favors technological savvy. Our children deserve clean air, lakes, and beaches. “No” on Prop 23 is the clear choice for our families and economy.

Vam Jones and Jorge Madrid
Daniel Farber and Richard Frank