November 2010

Hillary Clinton broke through a door at a press conference in Washington DC this morning, roaring and holding a donkey’s jawbone.
“Honesty will never prevail.” She said in her prepared response to the most recent WikiLeaks release of diplomatic cables.

Addressing WikiLeaks spokesperson Julian Assange directly, Clinton bemoaned “We’re trying to spin a web of lies over here. And you just angered the spider. To be perfectly clear: I have a venom producing gland.”

The diplomatic cables have been upsetting to some nations around the world as they contain such statements from US embassies and diplomatic envoys as: “You hear about the King of Sweden? Yeah, he totally stuffs!” and “Dude, you know that little island country in the Mediterranean? Is it Malta? Is Malta in the Mediterranean? Anyway. Dude, the club scene there is kicking!”

At the closing of Clinton’s press conference, she promised: “We will never stop lying to you, world. We will never stop hiding information from you. Our covert missions and our backdoor dealings and our deceit will never end. That I can promise you. I will make that bad bad WikiLeaks pay.”


I made a video this summer utilizing free stock archival footage.¬† The music is from a friend’s band called Tumble Dry, the song is No Words.

A message from Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley California.
To all those young LGBTQ folk out there, you can know that there are churches and faith communities all over this country that will love and celebrate you as you are.
You have a voice. An important voice. You are beautiful and loved.
It Gets better.

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has had enough of all this noise about people wanting equality in America.

Not only have people been advocating liberty for all citizens, but now some Catholics are even accepting the idea that love glorifies God no matter what gender or sex identity you have! Gulp.

There’s political and theological challenge afoot!

So its good timing that the Conference of Bishops paid some actors to play gender stereotyped husband and wife to tell us about how awesome married penis in married vagina is!

USCCB, thanks for your hard work on solving poverty in America. Stick with that and let love keep loving.