there was a one who when the village began work on a well
did not pick up a shovel but instead called himself ‘Leader’

Leader ate the soup ate the end of the day but did not make it
Leader applauded the work of those who dug from the shade

Leader took his job very seriously
he did not laugh

Leader was a big boss and bossed thoroughly
including his own heart
“beat!” Leader would shout

Leader was soon shouting “beat!”
throughout the night

finally Leader fell asleep momentarily and Leader’s heart stopped

the well was finished
when asked by other villages who dug the well
they answered ‘the village’

and when asked who helped
feed and support those who dug
they answered ‘the village’

when asked how hard the work was
to dig such a well
they answered ‘it was not work–we did it as a village’

the village said the same when asked
about digging
Leader’s grave