How can it be that Aliens Resurrection is rocket science compared to this movie in terms of ‘splicing’ and issues of maternity?

Are misogynist interpretations of Adam and Eve right?
If you buy into ‘Splice’, they are.

In this domestic drama in ‘horror’ film clothing,
Elsa is Eve…and Woman is the root of Man’s trouble.
What a bore. Even Clive, a scientist, says ‘mankind’ rather than ‘humankind’ and Clive blames his girlfriend for cheating on her with her daughter.

Who are we to like in this film? Even if a film has despicable characters, can it not at least be fun? Or be revealing something about ourselves and not just reveling in women hating idiocy?

It feels like a script written by a stunted man with ‘mommy issues’ and comes across as loathing of women. How else can one account for the Elsa character’s choices which can only range from conniving, manipulative, abusive, power hungry, idiotic, and self deluded?

In the scene where ‘Dren’ (the splice) is tied down to a table and the camera lingers on her exposed breasts, we get a sense that this woman also is only here in this twisted male fantasy to be abused, gawked at, mistreated but without feeling of complicity. When Clive has sex with Dren, essentially his girlfriend’s autistic and imprisoned daughter, we’re again to just a deeper level of family dysfunction and abuse that does not fall into any category other than ‘meaningless sociopathic drivel’.

This film is like a grab bag of annoyance.
Chock full of baby crying sounds and slaughter house animal squeals. Annoying also is a ‘family’ drama without likable or believable or empathetic characters.

When, in the last act, the film does turn into a straight up horror type film, it is a ‘dark chase around in the woods with murky sequences’. Yuck.

Even more ‘yuck’ is that the horror act is literally an Oedipal playhouse. Dren transforms into a ‘male’ for its vengeance (I guess women must remain femme fatales who will only hover their poison-tails over you while you have sex–no avenging angel/monster for them!) and rapes its mother and kills its father figure. Literally. In the span of a minute.

What absolute head shaking repugnance. This could have been a B film that didn’t take itself seriously and gone for a ‘bad campy’ feel and maybe would have been worth it. But in this over serious film in only dreary, poorly lit sets, with horrible dialogue and a script originating from the mind of a mommy-hating 16 year old–everything is a mess.