You hear that story about a great master who could eat just one grain of rice a day and birds landed on him?
Yeah, that’s not true.

Those old grand masters were no better or pious or wise than you.
The wisdom is the same. The way of things contains everyone in their time and season.

Haven’t you heard about the head of a monastery who
was asked by a nun which masters were her favorite to study,
and replied to the nun:
“You. I watch you serve soup 
each day to the beggars at the gate as well as to the nuns
with equal attention and respect.” 

A simple practitioner learns from their daughter,
their cat, their own past and present. 

Gurus, ‘Masters’, prophets. These are signs of respect.
And who is there that does not deserve respect?

Have you not heard about the revered priest who
was carried in a palanquin by four servants?
She rode in her sedan chair to villages in the hills where
she would teach and give blessings. 
One day she and her servants came to a village especially
affected by a recent drought.
She was silent. She had nothing to say to them. 
She was so humbled by the village’s determination and grace
that she sat at their feet and learned from them.
The next day she joined others in carrying water jugs 
in the sedan chair from the faroff river many times.
She renounced her riches, paying for a well to be dug
and remained in that village and studied 
at their feet. 

You have much you can teach, share, and give. 
You are the perfect embodiment of Tao.