time the female origami
life the Gordian Knot confused and withered at Alexander’s sword

Ouroboros never lacking or wanting
times’ tidal pools ever self-replenishing

love flees when grasped at
in her veils she lays trails of petals

leading ever to eternal returning
oneself becoming love

love perfected

well intentioned adventurers draw maps
where the destination ever slides off margins

ever attainable the destination
and beginning are the same

the treasure is not hidden
the jewel is in the blossom

the treasure is not hidden
fullness/destination is every/any/no/thing

straining to hear whispers of the Unspoken
one misses their neighbor crying through thin apartment walls

peering to see the Unseen
one misses the architecture of the spider’s achievement

reaching for the Unreachable
one misses the child’s extended hand

already you are home
perfected, your travels can cease

you are the perfect expression of Tao