have arms called rays
shaped like stars
can have five or more or even more arms
can lose their arms
arms grow back (!)
have small feet on each arm
hold on to rocks with their feet
some eat clams
can open clams shell with their feet

born from eggs
soft bodies
can fit into small places
have large eyes
have eight arms called tentacles
suckers hold food
hide from predators
can change color to look like their surroundings

are fish (!)
use fins to swim
have a head that looks like a horse head
have a long tail
hold on to seaweed with their tails
male have a pouch
female lay eggs in the pouch
male carry the eggs in the pouch
young sea horses hatch and leave the pouch
not related to kangaroo

are ocean aminal
some attach them self to coral reefs
some attach them self to rocks
can be colorful
have soft bodies
have a mouth
have tentacles
use their tentacle to sting prey
use their tentacle to pull prey into mouth

live in or near oceans
have eight legs
can run sideways
have to claws called pincers
hold food with their pincers
fight predator with their pincers
have hard shells
out grow and shed their shells
grow new shells

live in ocean
are colorful
live near coral reefs
have joined teeth
teet look like a beak
eat algae
some algae live in coral
bite off pieces of coral to find algae
eat the coral and turn into sand
some beaches have sand made by parrot fish