As I was watching the ‘Twilight’ trilogy recently in a back-to-back marathon, I was struck by something
Ella said about vampires never aging…always appearing the same…

And it came to me that the actress Kristen Stewart could be describing herself on film.
Stewart’s Bella Swan is immortal. She will not age or change.

So I was wondering what ageless or death defying monster might best summarize the medium of cinema.

Is it ‘zombie’…? No, I think video games are zombie. Eating our brains, turning us onto their agenda of complete focus….

Or is cinema in fact vampire?…Alluring, sexy, enticing, beautiful. Staying in the ‘dark places’ of theatres?

Well, this post’s title may be a red herring because I think cinema is Frankenstein.
Cut and pasted, derived from past ideas and ‘bodies’ of work, cinema comes alive and can become the target of the mob’s projected fears.

More on the ‘cut and paste’ hodgepodge film medium at this great site: