When you think of Santa Barbara do you think of frolicking dolphins?
Wine tasting?
So do I!

And I also think about red hot and very raw sewage.
You know, like sewage sushi with lotsa wasabi.

Check it out:
Santa Barbara has the highest rate of sewage spills of cities between Santa Cruz and Thousand Oaks of similar sized sewage systems (100 or more miles). Give us a gold trophy cup filled with stool!

In 2009, Santa Barbara’s sewage spill rate was triple the California average.
That’s 15 spills, people!
But like they say: Don’t cry over spilled milk. Or sewage. Right?

Or…Does Santa Barbara have to comply with the federal Clean Water Act?
You know, the act that makes any spill a violation.

But maybe more than just trying to “follow the rules,” Santa Barbara should
work on their reigning title as Poop Town USA because of risks to public health, the degradation of the environment and quality of life, the endangerment to marine life, the loss of tourism revenue.

So until we can workout a plan for Santa Barbarans to eat less or UPS their feces to some remote fjord, concerned citizens and grossed out tourists can send an email to Santa Barbara’s (lovely and right honorable) Mayor and/or go to Santa Barbara’s Channelkeeper organization for more information.

Mayor Helen Schneider:

SB ChannelKeeper