Here’s some thoughts about how to improve the experience of life.
(Please add your ideas in comments!)

1. Exploring the joys of simplicity. Less is sometimes more. Less talk, less noise, less hurrying. Fewer possessions. Stepping away from shared resources of space, water, energy.

2. Courageously expressing yourself. The wisdom you’ve gleaned is important and will feel great to share. Release those talents and gifts. Enjoy your body, stand tall, celebrate you.

3. Exploring the new. Pursue novelty, strangeness, and step out into ‘first time experiences.’ Surprise yourself!

4. Seeing yourself in the larger picture. See your life in the context of a huge world history and the legacy you’ll leave behind. Larger views of humanity and history will ease temptations towards victim-mentality and self pity.

5. Being gentle to yourself and to others. We all fail. We all are conflicted, dynamic, paradoxical, and are doing the best we can. Make space for humanity. Allow yourself and others to ‘move at the speed of bodies.’

6. Remain inquiring. Expose yourself to new ideas, keep asking questions. Challenge authority. Inspect biases and uproot prejudices.

7. Accepting responsibility. Apologize, learn, move on.

8. Making choices. Be actional, decide. Put your personal stamp on each day.

9. Getting to the heard of life. Return to life, love, family, trust, creativity, art.