I cried with joy with my hands raised during Obama’s 2008 acceptance speech.
My hopes for America were high and I felt like the country might have a fighting chance at getting closer to its
great promise.

So will I vote for Obama again?
I’m not so sure.
And here’s in brief some of the main reasons:

1. Big bailouts for financial firms with little or no follow through with criminal investigations into fraud and malfeasance.
2. Continuing and expanding war in Afghanistan and Pakistan, including covert action.
3.  Weak support of true democratic uprisings in the Arab Spring, but rather being quite content with the status quo in Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, etc.
4.  Extension of the Patriot Act
5. Extending Bush Tax Cuts
6. Blocking Palestinian hopes of UN recognition
7.  Deciding to not investigate illegal use of torture by the CIA
8. Keeping Guantanamo Bay open
9. Continuing warrantless wiretapping
10. No criminal follow-up on the CIA shredding torture evidence
11. Allowing cronyism influence oil and energy decisions
12. Weak support of equal rights
13. Standing idly by and allowing gender and religious discrimination
14. Weak oversight of gun laws, and getting an “F” from the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence

He was a friend to Wall Street in his first campaign and we can see that he is still in their pocket.
He speaks of the “frustrations” of the Occupy Wall Street movements as though protesters’ are generally upset about the economy and are not directly calling him out for accountability.
I just don’t feel like I can trust Obama. I don’t know if he represents justice, peace, progress, or fairness.

John Pilger, well esteemed journalist and Academy Award winning documentarian discusses the ‘brand’ Obama–