Parents, I feel your pain.
Yes, we now live in a surveillance society.
Just when we thought we could be as emotionally and physically abusive as we wanted to be in the safety of our own homes,
the Internet shows up and ruins all the fun.

Take as an example Judge William Adams.
He’s a judge in family court and gets to decide when a person is fit to be a parent.
And like all reasonable people, he liked to come home and beat his daughter into submission.
No biggie.
Until, that is, his daughter caught it on tape and shared it on the internet.
Damn you Prying Eyes of Accountability!

Or what about Freemon Everett Seay who like everyone else liked to hack away at his daughter
with a wooden sword for hours?
That’s just good ol’ fashioned parenting right there.
But when his daughter took pictures of her injuries and posted them to the internet,
here comes other people with their ‘laws, common sense, decency, humanity, and love.’

Wasn’t the world much easier when parents could hide behind four walls and abuse their children in private?
If this pattern continues, soon we’ll see people video taping police officers to hold them accountable too!

Judge William Adams: Beating into submission like whoa!

Freemon Everett Seay: Conan the Douche


You can call Judge William Adams’ office and tell them he is unfit for service as a judge: