December 2011

Here’s a great timeline found at Mother Jones detailing the failures of the Clinton and Bush administrations’ policies:

A few of the highlights you’ll find in there:
Condi Rice lying about aluminum tubes
The main Iraqi informant “Curveball” was widely suspected to be feeding the US crap
Five hours after 9/11 attacks Rumsfeld was seeking to begin military action against Saddam Hussein
Bush administration’s approval of torture (and subsequent torture of innocent civilians)
Fabricated tales of WMD by Condi Rice, Cheney, et al

All in all, the pattern of falsified intelligence and the marketing of an unwarranted war by the Bush administration is
nothing short of criminal.
Happy Holidays everyone!


Here is a collage I made using found video footage.  The music is by a Seattle band called Tumble Dry.  The song is SXYMTN.  Please let me know what you think.

Here’s some events that happened!

Dates All Common Era
306 Diocletian abdicates, Constantine I claims Roman throne.
313 Constantine converts to Christianity (sees cross in sky, says Eusebius).
300s-400s Huns under Attila control Eastern Europe, Goths and Vandals weaken Roman Empire.
323 Constantine moves capital to Byzantium and renamed Constantinople. Division of Empire begins.
325 Nicene Council
334 Constantine makes Christianity state religion.
381 Council of Constantinople elaborates the Nicene Council’s condemning of Apollinarianism.
410 Visigoths sack Rome.
413-426 St. Augustine writes “De Civitate Dei.”
430 (circa) Anglo Saxons begin settling Britain.
451 Rome sacked by Vandal Genserio
476 Romulus Augustulus last Emperor of Roman Empire, gives throne to Odoacer, a Danubian German.
570 Muhammad is Born.
800 Charlemagne crowned Emperor of the West on Christmas Day.
1000 (circa) Leif Erickson’s Vikings reach Vinland.
1054 “The Great Schism” East and West Churches split.
1066 Norman conquest of England, William the Conqueror defeats the English at Hastings.
1096-99 The First Crusade, Jerusalem captured in 1099.
1147 The Second Crusade, Rallied by St. Bernard.
1163 Construction of Notre Dame begun.
1187 Saladin captures Jerusalem, leading to Third Crusade.
1194 Construction of Chartres Cathedral begun.
1202-4 Fourth Crusade
1218-21 Fifth Crusade
1228-9 Sixth Crusade
1248-54 Seventh Crusade
1270 Fifth Crusade
1267-73 Aquinas writes Summa Theologica.
1308-20 Dante’s Divine Comedy.
1337-1453 Hundred Years War between France and England
1347-50 The Bubonic Plague kills millions.
1378-1417 Later Great Schism, Rival popes in Rome and Avignon.
1429 Joan of Arc leads French victory at Orleans, has Charles VII crowned King of France.
1431 Joan of Arc burned for heresy.
1453 Turks sack Constantinople, collapse of Byzantine Empire.


Wow, things have happened!

Our cultures are facing the shock of science! I hate test tubes and microscopes for the most part with the exception of when they are used as props in science fiction movies.
Can’t you see what this modern era of the last six hundred years has been doing to us?! Its getting harder and harder to get a spirit possession properly diagnosed and your village’s well protected from various vampiric creatures including Biting Blankets and Wooly Mammoth Wooly Socks.
We are undergoing a paradigm shift.
But not everyone and everything need be vulnerable to the seemingly inexorable march of science’s influence!
Yes, my brothers and sisters our minds are the last great fortress against those evil forces of Reason.
Our old gods can take respite in the hold-out of your mind and I encourage each of you to hold fast in the face of facts and objectivity.
What we have always held dear is our human capacity to instill fear and give explanation and meaning through off-the-cuff story telling and no amount of Education can rip that instinct from our primitive minds!

Take for example the Wind Wolf. Hear that noise outside? You know what that is. It is the Werewolf’s inbred cousin who visits children during windy nights and howls among the alleys and parking lots. The Wind Wolf smells the sin of lust and Self Pleasure. That howling is a warning Little Ones! Beware and repent!
You may hear from younger generations who have been indoctrinated with the ‘new worldview’ that Wind Wolves have never been proven to truly punish children who incite their lustful longings with exploratory hands and shower nozzles but remind them: sometimes Wind Wolves exact their punishment in the afterlife!
Take heed before it’s too late!

And who hasn’t noticed that the religion of the Floorafe has diminished in recent years?
Yes, the tale of the Floorafe has largely been pushed aside in favor of “evolution” and “common sense,” both of which are purely tools of the Cloven Hoofed Old Scratch.
We can all recall the story of the Floorafe:
In the beginning a giant giraffe filled the whole of the cosmos. Its wisdom and neck were limitless.
It created humanity and was pleased with the way humans groveled underfoot.
Over many millenia humans learned to walk upright and started to see themselves as equals to the Great Giraffe in The Sky.
Given that the Great Spotted Lanky One was Eternally Humble, She said to Herself,
“Okay, you humans think you’re so great…I’ll allow myself to shrink and not stand in your way of development and growth.”
So She shrunk and allowed humans to have more and more control and understanding of Her universe.
Soon humans were exploring space and manipulating DNA….And more did She shrink.
Before long humans were feeling pretty good about themselves–they were healing diseases, predicting storms, and those aspects of the universe that had once been mysteries to them opened up before the human species and they found less and less need for astral powers and spiritual beings.
The Great Giraffe shrunk even further until Her neck was touching Her shoulders and She looked no different than a humble horse. As humanity’s strength grew, She shrunk even more until she was two dimensional and as flat as a string of nanomolecules.
Now, The Great Giraffe hides in the floorboards of Her True Believers and is known among the initiated as the Floorafe.
She is only seen in the ‘heart of faith’ or sometimes makes Herself known under the feet of Her devotees when She makes a slight creaking noise.
“Oh, that’s just a loose floorboard.” some skeptics will say.
We know the Truth.

Yes, there are many extinct Gods and Goddesses but with the proper upkeep of our mindscapes, we can hold on to the last remaining ghouls of our ancestors.

Our economy and our national debt need not be tanked. It has been choices and deliberate policies that have led us here. It has been wars on loan and massive cuts in national income through tax benefits to the super-rich.

For more on the failures following 9/11 to protect our country’s economy and our civil liberties: