Miss Virginia Nikki Poteet is innocent until proven guilty.
But sheesh.
When many people are confirming that you went on a drunken tirade breaking furniture and using homophobic slurs, a serious investigation is needed.
I encourage everyone to call requesting Miss USA investigate these allegations seriously.
(212) 373-4986

About Nikki Poteet:


Hypocritical and corrupt regimes cannot stand against non-violent, sustained, allied democratic movements.

Scott Walker’s attack on Labor Rights has nothing to do with budget and has everything to do with
depriving working families of the American Dream and funneling more cash to the very rich and
big corporations.

This video is of Congresswoman Gwen Moore exposing Walker’s gambit:


Hillary Clinton broke through a door at a press conference in Washington DC this morning, roaring and holding a donkey’s jawbone.
“Honesty will never prevail.” She said in her prepared response to the most recent WikiLeaks release of diplomatic cables.

Addressing WikiLeaks spokesperson Julian Assange directly, Clinton bemoaned “We’re trying to spin a web of lies over here. And you just angered the spider. To be perfectly clear: I have a venom producing gland.”

The diplomatic cables have been upsetting to some nations around the world as they contain such statements from US embassies and diplomatic envoys as: “You hear about the King of Sweden? Yeah, he totally stuffs!” and “Dude, you know that little island country in the Mediterranean? Is it Malta? Is Malta in the Mediterranean? Anyway. Dude, the club scene there is kicking!”

At the closing of Clinton’s press conference, she promised: “We will never stop lying to you, world. We will never stop hiding information from you. Our covert missions and our backdoor dealings and our deceit will never end. That I can promise you. I will make that bad bad WikiLeaks pay.”

By voting “No” on Proposition 23 this November we can solidify California’s position as our nation’s industry and
conservation leader.
A “No” on Prop 23 will support our already impressive movement towards energy independence, spur job growth, and prove to the rest
of the U.S. that we can all move beyond dirty and wasteful energy.
More and more, the engine of industry is smart ideas and California is a hot bed of those.
That’s why the horribly conceived Prop 23 (a Texas import) is just smart for our state.

California is feeling the bite of the economy and job drought like everyone else, but we historically have been our nation’s economic powerhouse and
that doesn’t need to change. Part of our success has been and will continue to be remaining ahead of the curve in development, R&D, and wise land use.
A “No” on Prop 23 would send a message to oil magnates who would stagnate our growth for private gain that California is a leader, not a follower. We want cheap energy, clean neighborhoods, a competitive market in which to raise our children, and a corner in the hugely prosperous renewable energy market.

When California passed AB 32 in 2006 with Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s support, we stated that we would lead the nation’s charge to economic recovery and smart development. By rejecting Prop 23 now, we will ensure that AB 32 stays in place and its crucial energy stipulations will be effective as soon as possible.

California’s committment to clean energy has been a help to us in these dire economic straits. In just one year (2008) venture capitalists poured 3.3 Billion dollars into our state. A “No” vote on Prop 23 would encourage these investors to keep the long term smart growth investments coming. Rather than frantically looking for the next oil fix (will it come from an off-shore drill near your family?) we can watch investors settle their businesses here for the next wave of clean energy.

Its said that one doesn’t “mess with Texas” so it is peculiar that Proposition is being backed by primarily by two Texan oil companies (Valero and Tesero) and our Governor has credited the proposition’s motivation with “self serving greed”. 

Our state has the largest clean energy economy in the nation and leaders at the recent Clean Energy Summit agreed that California should not take a step backwards into the oily energy policies of last century.

The future is green. The economy favors technological savvy. Our children deserve clean air, lakes, and beaches. “No” on Prop 23 is the clear choice for our families and economy.

Vam Jones and Jorge Madrid
Daniel Farber and Richard Frank

In 2010, the biggest health insurance companies have given three times the cash to Republican lawmakers than Democrats.
They’re also paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to lobbyists closest to Republicans.

Why the love?

Insurance companies like the new health care law which states that individuals have to pay a fine to opt out of having insurance.
(That opt out will cost 95$ in 2014 and 695$ in 2016)
That’s not the issue. The companies just want the opt out to cost more.

Insurance companies like that more folks will be covered with health insurance.
That’s not the issue. The companies just want to deny your children coverage, quit coverage when you get sick, and pay very little if you’re sick for a long time.

Writes Noam Levey, “Insurers in the past have been able to count on the GOP, which often helped shape the market to the industry’s specifications…With the help of GOP legislation, insurers also have increasingly shifted costs to consumers through high-deductible plans…And Republicans have pushed to allow insurance companies to sell their plans across state lines, avoiding state regulations.”

So, it seems that Republican candidates and lawmakers are good on their promises: “You pay us enough money and we’ll get you a profit.”

If affordable and effective health insurance is what you want for your family, does the GOP deserve your vote?

Noam N. Levey “Health Insurers Pour Money Into GOP Campaings, Hoping To Limit New Regulations”
Los Angeles Times. Tuesday October 5th 2010,0,4869233.story

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